If you're looking for funding, knowledge on startups and to be part of an awesome family of founders and investors. Apply to our program in Mexico City

Our application process is now officially open. We will receiving your proposal for funding until September 1st, 2017

If your company is selected, we’ll offer an investment of US$65,000 in exchange for 10% of your company.

In detail, we give you US$50,000 in cash so you can invest it in whatever your company needs and US$15,000 worth of services including:

  • Office space for you and your team (up to 4 people) for the duration of the program
  • Weekly sessions with our investment team
  • Workshops and mentoring sessions across all areas
  • International mentors sessions and one-on-one meetings exclusive for the seed program companies
  • Demo Day with the most relevant investors of the region
  • Access to our global network of +200 mentors and +3000 entrepreneurs
  • Perks in technology services

What are we looking for?

  • In a nutshell, we are looking for the best talent building great and scalable businesses in spanish speaking Latin America
  • Companies which are solving big, monetizable, real-life problems. We want to invest in companies that can be exponentially scalable over the internet
  • Entrepreneurs passed the MVP stage that have made their product available to their clients and have shown initial traction. We normally appreciate revenue but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker
  • Well balanced teams with the internal capacity to execute on product, sales, fundraising
  • Founders who aren’t afraid of change and failure and that are willing to work along the best entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Teams committed to relocate to Mexico city for the duration of the program


Can I apply from outside of Mexico?
Yes, we invest in companies in spanish speaking LatAm. You can apply from anywhere in Latin America or if your main market is within the region

Can I apply if I applied before?
Yes, please be thorough in what has changed since the last time you applied

Do you invest in any specific sector?
No, we are sector agnostic, whether you are in edtech, fintech or any other sector or vertical, we want to hear from you as long as the business can exponentially scale over the internet

I only have an idea, should I apply to the program?
Yes, although we invest in later stages, mainly Post-MVP, we make exceptions based on the team's track record, sectors and technology development

Where does the program take place?
In our office space in Mexico city

Do we have to relocate to Mexico City?
Yes, the program requires the full time of the founding members (at least 2 co-founders including the CEO)

I have other team members. Do they need to relocate too?
This is entirely up to you, we can host 4 member teams on average

Does 500 Startups offer travel expenses?
No, all expenses are paid by the entrepreneurs themselves. Most out-of-state entrepreneurs use part of the investment to cover these expenses

What is the duration of the program?
The program lasts 16 weeks. For Batch 8, the program will not count the last 3 weeks of december

Do I need to have an established company?
No, you can apply without an established company. We will work with you during the first few weeks to do so.

I already have an established company, can you invest in that?
We have documentation ready to invest in Delaware C Corps, Mexican S.A.P.I. and British Virgin Islands LTDs. If your company is not incorporated within one of those, please state it in your applicationdd but that shouldn’t stop you from applying

What instrument do you use to invest?
We use our own document called KISS (Keep It Simple Security). Here is the one for Delaware C Corps.

What are the stages of the selection process?
There are 5 stages to the process:
  1. Angellist Application review. All 500 Startups LatAm team members filter applications based on their content and conduct product reviews
  2. Online and On-site interviews. Applicants that passed the previous filter are invited to be interviewed by the team
  3. 500 Startups Partner, mentor, founder or industry expert interviews the companies
  4. Background checks and micro-business due diligence (Cap Table, Burn Rate and Cash on Hand)
  5. Investment offers and rejection letters are sent to all teams that applied

I was not accepted, can you give me feedback?
Unfortunately due to the amount of applications that we received we are not able to provide feedback to each company

Is there a step-by-step guide for applying to angelList?
Yes, click here

If you have other questions we’ll be hosting a Facebook Live every Thursday of August at 3:00pm Mexico City time


  • We recommend you to apply in the first 2 weeks. You give us more time to analyze your investment proposal. Most companies apply on the last day, limiting the time that we have for each review
  • Don’t worry about the language, you can apply in spanish. Te entenderemos igual de bien! :D
  • Provide a link to your product so we can have access to it. There is no better advantage than letting us play around with what you have built
  • We appreciate thoughtful and concrete answers. Dedicate the necessary time to complete the application. The better you communicate who you are and what you are building the better chances you’ll be able to get us interested in your project
  • Have people close to us recommend you and your company. It can be 500 Startups founders, mentors on our network, relevant investors that may already put money in your company